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Revision Petition as provided under Section 17(1)(b) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986-to call for the records and pass appropriate orders in any consumer dispute which is pending before or has been decided by any District Fourm can be filed with the Registry of this Commission within a period of ninety days from the date of receipt of the order on all working days (Monday to Friday) at Punjab State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chandigarh. Revision Petition must be supported by Notarised/Self attested affidavit with 1+2 sets (with File cover) + Number of Opposite Parties. The Revision Petition along with all the copies should be paginated and duly indexed in the following seriatim:-

1. Index
2. List of Dates/Events
3. Memo of Parties (with fresh complete addresses & telephone no. and email address of opposite     parties)
4. Revision Petition with Notarised attested affidavit
5. Application for condonation of delay with Notarised attested affidavit, if beyond limitation.     (Within 90 days of receiptof order)
6. Stay Application, or any other application if any, with Notarised attested affidavit
7. Copy of order of District Forum
8. Copy of Complaint, Reply & Rejoinder filed before District Forum as well as copy of evidence if     recorded and other documents relied on by both parties. (All the Annexures must be attested as     True Copy on the every page with name & signature)

Note :
The documents shall be filed in English language only or translated copy of any other language, duly typed in double space on one side of the paper. If any supporting documents are not legible the same will not be accepted until clear legible/photo copies are filed.



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